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Ukrainian Borschtch & Smetana (v)
beetroot soup topped with sour cream - hot or cold version
Russian chicken soup with noodles

Soup of the day (v)
please ask your waitress
Marinated Herring Fillet
with apples, onions & sultanas topped with smetana
Dill Herring Fillet
with Russian salad & capers
Marinated Beef
with onions & peppers
Herring Troyka
herring fillet with beetroot, new potato and tartare sauce garnish
Chicken Liver
chopped with hard-boiled eggs and onions; served with gherkin
Roasted Peppers (v)
with onions and mushrooms
Russian Salad (v)
diced steamed vegetables, apples & pickled gherkins
Mozzarella, tomato, avocado (v)
with pesto and olives
Pancake (v) - choice of filling:
spinach, mushrooms, ratatouille etc. with tomato sauce
Armenian Salad (v)
mixed salad with new potato, beetroot, avocado, fetta & olives
Prawn & Avocado
or Prawn & Melon Salad
Black Forest
smoked ham with avocado salad or melon & ginger
Smoked Trout Fillet
& marinated beetroot salad
Smoked Salmon
traditional Russian recipe with avocado, capers & olives salad
Salmon Tartare
cured fresh salmon with gherkins, capers & ginger
Blinis (v) - buckwheat pancakes with:
smoked salmon / smoked trout / marinated herring / lumpfish caviar / red peppers caviar / aubergine caviar / taramasalata / hoummous / egg mayonnaise topped with smetana & served with choice of salad or mizeria (cucumber salad)


Delicacy of Russian Tsars served with warm Blinis and Smetana
Lumpfish Caviar
smooth delicately flavoured
Salmon Caviar
- 45g/90g large succulent eggs, colour of reddish amber, Russian favourite caviar
Sevruga Caviar
- 30g fine-grained dark grey caviar, appreciated for its distinctive flavour
Troyka Caviar
ultimate selection of salmon caviar, salmon tartare & smoked salmon for two persons


Coulibiak - old Russian recipe
salmon pie of mushrooms, spinach, rice & kasha topped with smetana, served with fresh tomato sauce
Fillet of Salmon
pan-fried or grilled, marinated in ginger & dill, served on a bed of spinach with new potatoes & tartare sauce
Warm New Potatoes
with smoked trout or marinated herring fillets & tartare sauce
Russian Pierog (v)
pie of sauerkraut & vegetables with mushroom & tomato sauce
Char-grilled Vegetables (v)
served with hoummous & grilled rye bread
Potato Latke with Mushrooms (v)
in smetana sauce
Ratatouille (v)
aubergine, courgette, peppers & butter beans in tomato sauce served with latke & kasha
Pasta (v) of your choice:
tomato, spinach, mushrooms, pesto, peppers, tuna, chicken etc.
Pelmeni (v) - Gogol's favourite dumplings filled with mushrooms & cabbage (cheese & potato) or meat - served with smetana or tomato sauce
hunter's stew of sauerkraut, chicken & smoked sausage served with mash
chicken, veal & rice stuffed cabbage leaves with tomato & mushroom sauce, mash
Polish Pork Sausage
served with sauerkraut stew, goulash sauce & mash
Gypsy Latke
tender beef goulash served with potato pancakes & topped with smetana
Ukrainian Beef Goulash
spiced with sweet paprika topped with smetana served with mash or rice/kasha
Salt Beef
prime lean Irish beef served with latke, coleslaw & pickled gherkin
Roast Breast of Duck (*)
and prune sauce served with red cabbage & apple compote
Vienna Schnitzel (*)
veal escalope served with fried egg, braised sauerkraut & mash
Turkey or Chicken Escalope
breadcrumbed and pan-fried, served with mash or chips & tartare sauce
Pozharsky Cutlets
chicken, veal & herbs cutlets served with Stroganoff sauce & mash or kasha
The Legendary Kiev
chicken breast filled with herbs & garlic butter served with ratatouille
Chicken Stroganoff
with mushrooms, peppers in wine & smetana sauce, served with kasha or rice
Day Specials, please ask our staff
Veal Stroganoff (*)
old Russian recipe, served with kasha or rice
Golonka (*)
shank of pork braised to perfection served with sauerkraut & mash
Chanakhi (*)
Georgian lamb stew with aubergine, potato, chickpeas & peppers
Lamb Shank (*)
succulent and tender served ratatouille & mash

GRILLS - all served with our famous Tartare Sauce

Turkey Steak
gently marinated, served with dish of your choice
Lamb Chops (*)
marinated in rosemary, served with ratatouille
Sirloin Steak (*)
grilled to your requirements, served with salad & chips
Chicken Supremes
served with warm potato salad & red peppers caviar
cubes of marinated chicken, peppers & bacon, on spit with kasha or rice


Basket of Rye Bread & butter
Hoummous or Taramasalata with Rye toast
New Potatoes / Chips
Kasha - roasted buckwheat
Latke & Smetana - potato pancakes
Mixed Salad
Tomato, Onions & Olives Salad
Selection of Olives
Selection of Steamed Vegetables
Mash / Rice
Smetana - sour cream
Sautéed spinach & garlic
Mizeria - cucumber salad
Marinated beetroot & onion salad
Carrot, sultanas & apple


Sweet Pancakes with:
cream cheese & sultanas / apple / blueberry / plum / peach / banana / maple syrup / ice-cream / whipped cream
Apple Charlotte
hot apple crumble with fresh cream or ice-cream
Hungarian Chocolate Torte
Ice Cream
with toffee sauce
Baked Cheesecake
Fresh Fruit Pavlova
Selection of Cakes
- see display
Scoop of ice-cream


Chicken strips and chips
- homemade pieces of fresh chicken breast, breadcrumbed and deep fried
Breakfast sausages and chips


Extra portions just 50 pence
Troyka Breakfast
two fried eggs, sausage, bacon, tomato & baked beans with toast
Vegetarian Breakfast
veg sausage, latke, mushrooms
Triple-egg Omelette with two fillings of your choice: spinach, mushrooms, asparagus, ham, bacon, onions, cheese served with salad and chips
Smoked Salmon & scrambled eggs
on rye toast with tomatoes, onions & olives salad
Mushrooms & scrambled eggs on rye toast
Scrambled or fried eggs on toast of your choice
Salt Beef on rye bread or bagel with gherkin & coleslaw
Sandwiches of your choice on rye or bagel:
smoked salmon, cream cheese, fried egg, bacon, sausage, ham, parma, coronation chicken, prawn, tuna mayo, egg mayo, tomato, cucumber, avocado, roast peppers, mozzarella, cheddar, fetta cheese with salad or coleslaw
Smoked Chicken Breast Salad
Chicken Romanoff
- chicken breast with apricots in spicy curry & yoghurt sauce
Chef's Salad
- selection of our starters
Fresh Fruit Salad
Chocolate, Almond Croissant, Danish Pastries
Two slices of rye or white toast with butter & jam
Honey, Jam, Marmalade, Butter


Black Coffee
Double espresso
Hot chocolate (with cream - add 40p)
Café Mokka
Tea for One
for Two
(herb / fruit / green - add 10p)
Russian tea & lemon
with honey or raspberry syrup
Mineral Water 0.5 / 1 litre
Soft drinks: Apple / Cranberry / Tomato / Coke etc.
small / large
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice
small / large
Iced Tea
small / large
Iced Coffee with or without ice-cream
small / large
House wine
glass / bottle
Frozen Vodkas

Smetana - sour cream; Kasha - roasted buckwheat
(v) - dishes suitable for most vegetarian diets
(*) - £2.00 supplement for lunch offer - £7.95 - two courses A'la Carte Monday to Friday

Cover charge on Russian Music Evenings (Fri. & Sat.) - £1.00 per person

Prices include VAT
Service charge not included
Credit cards accepted (for bills over £10)
Minimum charge of £4.00 per person will apply during certain busy periods

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